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Our factory network covers beyond China. We work with factories in Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Mexico and more through our tech-enabled platform.

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What We Do

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Find best MATCHED Factories

Your personal agent will search among thousands of factories for the right one, based on your product needs. Not just China — globally. We’ll rate them based on price and quality.


manage production

Once you’ve found your factory, we can provide complete order management from sampling to production to quality check — end-to-end white glove service. We can even help you with product prototyping!


Logistics & customs

We can also handle shipment — including navigating customs — from any factory to your front door, warehouse or even to Amazon. You’ll enjoy lower shipping costs through our shipping partners on express, sea and air freight.


Why Us


Quality. Not Quantity

Unlike other companies who give you a long generic factory list and let you figure it out, we take time to understand your needs — then curate an understandable list of your best options.


true global player

We source factory partners from around the globe, not just China. That means you’ll always have the combination of factory ability, location and cost based on exactly what you need.


data-driven approach

At our core, we’re a tech company. That means that our process, from factory sourcing to order management, is constantly being improved by data. Meaning more speed and savings for you.


The factory we found was a perfect fit for our needs — don’t see a need to use another platform ever again. Why wasn’t Alibaba always like this?
— Nike
Factory Owl literally helped me save 8 months of finding and testing factories before we even got a product. We found the perfect factory the first try.
— Everlane
The kind of ownership for your order Factory Owl takes on is just amazing. The process itself is super smooth and it feels as if they are part of our team.
— ElimPaul (top amazon seller)


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